Stretch Film 101: Why, When, and How to Use It

Stretch wraps and films have been utilized in a growing number of industries due to their many unmatched advantages. Its diverse applications now appear in almost any shipping and packaging industry, from pallets, canned goods, firewood, electronic products, car tires, furniture, bricks and rocks, medical products, plants and seeds, glass and windows. From storing, shipping, sealing, bundling, securing, protecting, and palletizing, PalPakUSA’s products are found in countless industries throughout the world.

In some industries, it also has perhaps unexpected usages that have proven successful. Take for instance a leading manufacturer of electronic products in Los Angeles, which began using stretch film to provide tamper resistance and reduce package pilferage and theft. Within the food industry, stretch films are used by various businesses to extend shelf life for foods such as cucumbers. In other industries, they have been used to protect goods from humidity, sun, and rain damage.

The use of stretch film has a variety of benefits and advantages, including:

  • Versatility: Highly stretchable and able to fit the contours of any item, stretch films have a wide range of uses. Its clear material is easily seen through, making it easy to identify the packaged goods. The elastic recovery keeps goods tightly bound and improves the stability of unit loads.

  • Protection: A solid holding force, stretch films cover the surface area in their entirety and hence provide better protection than other holding materials such as straps. Furthermore, they leave no residues nor marks and is an excellent way of protecting packaged items from scratches, dust, abrasion, moisture, and more.

  • Productivity: The use of stretch film dispensers has increased productivity in a number of industries. In anything from lumber bundling to palletized boxes, utilization of stretch film dispensers has proven both time-saving and cost-reducing. The ways it proves cost-efficient stretch from reducing manual labor and costs of shipping to eliminating the need for tertiary and/or additional materials for packing.

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From warehouse distribution centers, airports, container shipments to retail stores, PalPakUSA’s products have become the leading stretch film dispensers on the market and its areas of use will just continue to grow.